It’s Netflix for your ears (only better). Find a subject you like, choose a show, click a button on your phone … now you’ll get every new episode of the show when it’s published. Easy peasy!

When podcasting began in 2004, it was billed as “radio on demand” but I’ve always thought of it as a way to be entertained and informed when I’m not able to sit in front of a screen. With that in mind, I started hosting The Debt Podcast in 2005 to spread information about a dramatic overhaul of the bankruptcy laws taking place at the time.

These days, podcasts are bigger than ever. Shows like Homecoming are turned into splashy Netflix projects with big-name stars. Celebrities, politicians and well-known academics appear on shows. Whatever you want, there’s a podcast for that.

I started my current podcast, The Student Loan Show, because there’s not enough time for me to answer every question or address every issue. Even if there were, you can’t sit in front of a screen 24/7 to hunt for information that will help you solve your student loan problems.

Listen to the show. And while you’re at it, listen to the others listed here – all provide excellent information that’s sure to make you Money Wise.

Student Loan Show

News and information from the world of higher education? Check.

Tips about how to handle your student loan burden? Check.

Advice on issues ranging from household spending, debt reduction, and living a better life? Check.

My job is to bring you the most honest and accurate information you need to get your student loans under control. Whether you’re tackling federal loans, private educational debt or a combination, you’re sure to find the help you need here.

My Other Favorite Money Podcasts