It started with a lawyer who wanted to help people with debt problems.

When I started the firm on December 19, 1995, I wanted to help my clients through difficult financial times. From a one-room office on lower Broadway in Manhattan, I started by representing people in bankruptcy cases.

As the years went on, my clients came to me for help with problems that bankruptcy couldn’t solve effectively. Instead of letting them continue to suffer, I searched for answers. When those answers weren’t readily available, I adapted existing legal theories to new situations.

Now, over 26 years later, Shaev & Fleischman P.C. has grown and evolved to provide a full range of services designed to help you protect your financial rights.

Protecting Your Financial Rights

Student Loan Law

  • Lower your monthly federal student loan payments
  • Analyze available repayment strategies

  • Student loan default

  • Student loan forgiveness

  • Student loan consolidation and refinancing

  • Borrower Defense to Repayment

Consumer Bankruptcy

  • Wipe out debts and regain control

  • Protect your home, vehicles, and personal belongings

  • Save your wages and bank accounts

  • Stop lawsuits and judgments

  • Prevent foreclosure and repossession

  • Improve your credit score quickly and easily

Debt Collection Defense

  • Collection lawsuit defense

  • Debt settlement

  • Negotiation of payment plans

  • Sue collectors and creditors for harassment

Credit Reporting

  • Review credit reports to ensure accuracy

  • Dispute and correct errors

  • Identity theft and credit fraud

  • Sue for violations of credit reporting laws

A Law Firm Designed for You

student loan lawyer phone consultation

Convenient and Accessible

You shouldn’t have to take time away from your family, job, or friends to get the help you need.

When we work together, we’ll handle everything by phone, email, and video chat.

Free Resources

I give away 90% of my knowledge at no cost. I’ve personally created an enormous about of content specifically for you, and it’s all free. Listen to the podcast episodes, watch the videos, and read the articles.

If you choose to schedule an appointment, we’ll be able to spend less time on the basics and devote more of our efforts to analyzing your situation and helping you accomplish your goals.

student loan lawyer phone consultation
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Security and Privacy

We’ve been 100% remote since 2007, so we can keep working for you in spite of any disruption.

If there’s an improvement in communication, security, or accessibility, you can be sure we’re on it. Because when you need help, every minute counts.

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